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No Standing Around


Big, fat Wedding

Everyone loves a good wedding knees up – even me and I’ve shot so many weddings, I’ve lost count. Each one is bloody marvellous and individual and an absolute privilege. Getting all your family together for one day is pretty priceless in my opinion, and so it makes perfect sense to record that momentous occasion in all its glory so you can remember the way it was in years to come. 

What’s Included?


Glasgow Wedding Photographer

What’s the Deal?

Included with every wedding package:

Me shooting your day. No interlopers!

Sneak peek preview shortly after your day

Hand edited images

Online gallery so you can download all your photos

Travel up to 75 miles


Your Day

Wedding photographer Glasgow

Good Morning

Start it easy. I pop along for preps. I’m there when your bestie tops up your glass; when you’re having a laugh and a good time with your team; and when that one person in your family comes round with the plate of sandwiches checking everyone has something to eat. I’ll be there when the nerves are jangling and the ties need tying. When your laces need sorting and your bridesmaid can’t find her shoes. It’s all part of your crazy story. 

Say I do

You get married, and I take photos. The two of you, but also those watching you. This is where I do my best to blend in and turn invisible. Shh. You didn’t see me. But I do catch all those little moments. Your mum dabbing her eyes, the little flower girl pulling a face, your best mates beaming with joy. All that stuff, plus you two doing the nervous vows and saying I do! Oh and the confetti… always the confetti!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Glasgow Wedding Photographer

The Reception

Woohoo! It’s legal and official! Time for drinks and hugs and fun! Soak in all those compliments about how gorgeous you look from absolutely everyone. Everyone lets their hair down and I get candid photos of the good times. Want some family photos? I’m on it. We make a bit of time for that photo of you and your family all together so your mum can show it off on her mantlepiece for bragging rights. We squeeze in a handful of portraits too but we keep it to the minimum. No boring posing.  Natural, easy going and fun. 

The Speeches

The best bit about photographing speeches is sneaking around looking for that person who’s listening and going to get all emotional, bringing happy tears. Or that table, with the person you just know is just going to erupt with the most raucous belly laugh ever. Speeches are the best time for totally unguarded candid photos.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Are ye Dancin?

Ceilidh, covers, DJ – whatever you’re boogieing to, I’m photographing it. Let your hair down and let go.  If there’s a crazy first dance, I’ll be there for the embarassing shuffle or the full on choreographed routine. I love jumping into the middle of a dancefloor and taking photos of you and your pals throwing some shapes. 

Stuff I avoid like the Proverbial Plague

Boring identikit wedding poses.
Marathon hour-long photo sessions away from your guests.
Cheesy photos you didn’t ask for. You don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it, we don’t do it.
Spending more time with me, the photographer, than the people you invited.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer



What the hell is a Senja?
Or a Loppa for that matter?
All my packages are named after islands in Norway. Cool, huh? Time for a quick geography lesson – it might come in useful in a future pub quiz.

Svalbard Package

My biggest package and the biggest Norwegian island, located between Norway and the North Pole. They have an annual marathon there, and also polar bears! Perfect for large weddings or weddings split across different locations, it includes full-day wedding coverage – starting with prep usually until half an hour into dancing.
A full day second photographer to get some extra angles on your day
An engagement session to get some practice before the day
A Keepsake box with a selection of matted prints


Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Senja Package

Second largest Norwegian island, after Svalbard, located in Troms, in the Arctic Circle. It has a halibut museum!

Ideal for big weddings and includes full-day wedding coverage – starting with prep usually until half an hour into dancing. Keep it simple with this digital only package, with one photographer. 


Silda Package

A small island close to where my family lived, in the North of Norway. It’s very pretty, and one of my favourite places.




Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Loppa Package

A small island close to where my family lived, in the North of Norway. It’s very pretty, and one of my favourite places.

Loppa is the package if you need something more bespoke. An hourly rate that you can build up. It’s ideal for small weddings, elopements, and those days that are a little less traditional in timing. 

£700 for two hours;
£300 per hour thereafter

What ye waitin Fer?

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Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Glasgow Wedding Photographer



Couple Sessions

Kjaereste (noun): sweetheart, lover, partner.
Pronounced “shar-est-eh” .

The cute couple session package. My couple’s session is a great way to get some beautiful photographs of the two of you without resorting to phone selfies. We will keep it totally natural with lots of fun and laughing. My sessions last around 90 minutes and can be at a location of your choice. Whether it’s a cobbled street, an empty beach, waterfalls in the woods, or a favourite city park, it’s all about you and your relationship that makes these photos special. Travel included up to 1hr from Lenzie. 


Photographs from cairistiona and Tom's engagement session in Aberfoyle ©Struve Photography