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Glasgow Wedding Photography

for fun-loving couples, romantic fools and people who are old enough to know better!

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Cracking Memories

Chilled out documentary style wedding photos for people who want to keep it natural and relaxed whilst having a good time. No standing around for hours, no cheesey grins, no awkward poses… just down to earth, natural photography. I’m Kristin, a Glasgow Wedding Photographer, and I’m going to take amazing snaps while you get on with having the best day of your life making some cracking memories.

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It’s the Little Things

My couples are those crazy fools who don’t want to conform. They don’t always want the big lavish wedding, but instead prefer a big family get together in the local pub or a barn, love great food, great conversation and appreciate that friends and family are everything. Oh and dogs… everyone loves dogs at weddings!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer



I know what you’re thinking… what’s with all the crazy Norwegian words Kristin? Well, whilst I’ve lived in Scotland since forever, my family are originally from Norway. So that maybe makes me 90% Scottish, and 10% Norwegian… ok maybe a tad more, but the point is, you should always celebrate your crazy family and its crazy traditions and weird words.

Relaxed Documentary Wedding Photography across Scotland



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Wedding Photography To Fit Around Your Day 

I photograph weddings throughout Scotland – whether it’s a big shindig in the countryside or a small and intimate wedding in the city. Barns, beaches, city restaurants, country houses, family gardens, village halls – wherever you want it, I can photograph it. I’m watching the next step in your history being made and frankly that’s a pretty cool job to have. It’s like being in space centre Houston when you’re taking your own giant leap. Click the link to find your kinda wedding. 



We Are Family

As well as wedding photography, I also shoot families in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Koselig means cosiness and that’s what my family sessions are all about. These sessions are about you and your kids being totally authentic and wild and free. You, the kids, messy hair, sticky fingers, chocolate chops, and that look in their eye that makes you know they’re having fun.

child walking through an autumn path holding hands with adults.