This is me!

Hello you. I’m Kristin, and I’m a photographer based on the outskirts of Glasgow in Scotland. I’m also a mum, a wife, a cat herder, Owl (Girl Guiding), and a runner who very occasionally regrets my choices when I hit the track. I love meeting and getting to know new people and taking their picture, and I get a total kick from delivering photos that they love.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer

I took up knitting while binge-watching the West Wing and now I can’t disassociate the theme tune from the urge to make scarves. 

Photography Lover

Although I was born and raised in bonny Scotland, my family are originally from Norway hence all the crazy Norwegian words. I now live in Glasgow and consider myself 90 per cent Scottish, 10 per cent Norwegian.

I live in the village of Lenzie outside Glasgow, with my three kids, two cats and running mad husband. I spend a lot of time calling out the wrong name to the wrong family member. I like singing tunelessly along to 90s indie and 80s pop on my way to weddings. I like a good political podcast, or binge-watching a decent historical drama series. I have been photographing weddings since 2010, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had.


Jeg har utstyr




Sean Connery once tripped over when I held the door open for him at the opening ceremony of the new Scottish Parliament building. He blamed Shoddy Workmanship, which is the most perfect phrase for a Sean Connery impression.

I have two Blue Peter badges – the normal one and the green one, from back in the 80s. It was the 80s. I wrote a lot of letters.
I’ve been mentioned in the House of Commons twice. Once during PMQs and once during the debate on the Queen’s Speech.
My first concert was Suede at the Glasgow Barrowlands. My last, was taking my stepdaughter to her first gig – Girl in Red. I sat in the mum zone, looking after jackets.

I like volunteering with local groups for kids. I help volunteer at my local junior parkrun and Brownies. My Brownies alter-ego is Starry Owl. 



I love many many things. Scandi inspired interiors, Scandi dramas, folksy design, doughnuts, espresso martinis, my cats (god only knows why though). That pink handbag right there… yeah, I love that. I can’t afford one so I covet it from afar. I mean even if I won the lottery and bought one, it’d probably be black in about five minutes knowing me. Still… it looks nice eh?


Oh be still my beating heart. I blummin love doughtnuts. Years ago, I was never really bothered about them but then a fancy doughnut shop opened in town and everyone was raving about it so I popped in and bought one of their sugary treats. Now I’m pretty much addicted. 


My two reckless cats… sadly this is not my cat… it is way too cute to be my cat. My cats also do not sit long enough for me to point my lens at them. They are entirely dissatisfied with anything I do. They appear to be the boss of me.



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Ankle Biters

I’m a photographer so therefore you’d think I’d have some amazing photos of my own family… sadly, like most people, we tend to only shoot stuff on our phones… and getting all this rabble in one picture is challenging let me tell you. But I do love them… From the excitable 6-year-old, the demanding toddler, to the moody teenager, and the running obsessed husband, they keep me on my toes constantly. 

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