A Special and fun Scottish Castle Wedding in Fintry

Laura and Mike are a couple who really embrace outdoor life, so it made sense for them to have a Scottish castle wedding. They booked the beautiful Culreuch Castle near Fintry for their day. Lots of space, some gorgeous redwood trees, stunning vistas and lots of places to explore for photographs. It really was the perfect location for a Scottish castle wedding.

It was a day that was just filled with little gems of their personality. They transformed Mike’s campervan into a photobooth for the day, and sang Madness It Must Be Love during the ceremony.

Beautiful Views

There was something special for me as well at this Scottish castle wedding. It was the first of many through the year where I could see Ben Lomond in the distance. And in my own, strange little way, it’s felt like something of a familiar friend in 2017. It had been there almost watching over the nuptials of so many couples this year. I loved how it was there for Mike and Laura’s day too. It contributed towards the outdoor vibe of the day. This Scottish castle also had converted barns which gave them lots of space to utilise for their wedding.

Campervan to make it special

And that’s what weddings are about. Or at least, what they should be about. Having something of yourself entwined into the day, woven into the moments to make it special, to make it yours. Even things like the environment around you, the idea that the next time you see it you might smile to yourself and remember your day. Whenever Mike and Laura set off in their campervan, they take a little piece of their wedding day with them everywhere they go.

For me, it’s about photographing the landscape and the setting and Ben Lomond as it looked on their day. That the castle in the Scottish countryside will stand there long after the wedding too. That’s the bit that I love giving back to my couples. I don’t think any two wedding days ever feel quite the same, whether it’s the clouds or the light, or the mood or combination of people on the day… that’s what makes it special.

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