An Authentic and Cool Leith Theatre Wedding, Leith

Meryl and Alan’s wedding at Thomas Morton Hall and Leith Theatre in Edinburgh was one which involved a lot of DIY. When I met them for their engagement shoot, we discussed the cost of putting up fairy lights and then removing them afterwards. Such a simple thing, but it seemed to be overly complicated to arrange and discuss. Until Meryl and Alan found a very simple solution. The success of DIY weddings, I think, lies in finding simple solutions to what you want, but having the creativity to find those solutions. I loved working at their Leith Theatre wedding as their photographer and I’m thrilled to share these photos.

Wedding Set Up At Thomas Morton Hall, Leith

Meryl and Alan enlisted a lot of friends and family to help them with their wedding plans. I arrived in the morning to visit and take some photos before all the guests arrived. They had decorated Thomas Morton Hall in Leith for their wedding with a mix of plain white paper globes. The tables had simple sets with milk bottle centrepieces with small posies of flowers. The black and white string tied in with their black and white wedding theme. I loved spending time photographing Thomas Morton Hall before their wedding started. It is such a unique wedding venue in Leith. Thomas Morton Hall has lots of natural light as well which works brilliantly when you’re a documentary style wedding photographer.

Non-Traditional Wedding Photography in Edinburgh

When it came to this wedding at Leith Theatre, I thought a lot about what the couple wanted and what I wanted to create for them as a photographer. Imagine you’re sitting opposite someone who had never been to a wedding before. They knew nothing about marriage, they knew nothing about weddings and they want to know what happens. How do you describe it? What do you say to convey why their importance and symbolism to that person? How do you explain the traditions?

One of the things I love most about weddings is choice. The freedom to choose what to carry forward, what to change. I love weddings that are about choosing elements which are right for the couple. Etiquette shouldn’t dictate a wedding. It’s about choosing to do things differently. And if there’s nobody around who can deliver that… find a way of making it happen for yourself. Meryl and Alan did exactly this with their wedding at Leith Theatre.

Documentary Wedding Photography in Leith

Keeping in line with the theme, for a chilled-out day that was about being authentic, my documentary photography worked well for this Leith wedding.

Meryl and Alan’s wedding was all about choice. It was about choosing what they wanted to incorporate. From my perspective, it was about producing photographs that encapsulated this element. We said no to traditions. We did something different every step of the way. I wanted to explore with their wedding photography as if I were to present the photographs to someone who’d never seen a wedding before. I wanted to create documentary photographs that told the story about what had happened.

An Authentic Approach

Of course, they wanted some portraits of themselves too. But we kept everything absolutely simple. I gave them minimal direction and simply composed the photographs to make it work well together. I wanted the photography in Leith to flow with the documentary approach for the rest of the wedding. Nothing too posed, nothing too stilted or directed. Simple wedding photos that made the most of the local architecture in Leith, and used the cobbles and beautiful brickwork. I loved combining the old with the modern as well with this approach. At the time, Leith Theatre was still undergoing renovation work. I loved how it worked to have this dilapidated building contrast with Meryl and Alan’s polished attire. Leith Theatre was an absolute gift for this wedding photographer.

Informal Wedding Style in Scotland

So there are no posed photographs of Alan and Meryl cutting the cake. No photographs of a first dance. And no photograph of the groom standing over the bride smiling away, as she sits smiling with a pen in hand poised over the marriage schedule (that sometimes makes me think of press photos of world leaders signing peace treaties, but there you go). The best thing about weddings, is choice and choosing which traditions you want to keep and follow for yourself, and to me that ought to include what wedding photography traditions you want to choose and keep.

Leith Theatre Wedding Photographer

Are you looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in Leith Theatre or Thomas Morton Hall? I would love to chat with you some more. I love a DIY wedding, and photographing weddings in a documentary style. Drop me a line if you would love to have photos similar to this!

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