An Awesome Loch Tay Highland Tipi Wedding in Scotland

If you’re planning a wedding and you really fancy a tipi wedding in Scotland , then it’s probably likely at some point that the thought of rain will cross your mind (if not yours, that of your closest friends and family). What do you do if it rains at your tipi wedding?

Well, in the middle of a heatwave, it rained on Carolyn and Laurence’ wedding day.

Best Place for a Tipi Wedding in Scotland

Surprisingly I think it worked really well despite the weather. The tipi felt a lot more snug and atmospheric and warm than some venues with thin fabric marquees. The canvas was watertight, and the ground was dry underneath. They’d also rolled out a long runner mat for guests, reducing the risk of the entrance getting muddy. Loch Tay Highland Lodges worked perfectly as a location for this tipi wedding. There was plenty of accommodation for guests and lots of suitable flat space for the tipis to be erected. This made it the best place for a tipi wedding.

I also loved that it didn’t feel like one big room, but had side areas that allowed guests to move around and could be utilised in different ways.

Tipi Wedding with Festival Vibes

A tipi wedding can have that whole cool festival wedding vibe but if it looks like the weather might not be perfect, you can always make it have a more cosy glamping feel by accessorising with a stack of warm snuggly blankets and (if your tipi is large enough) a fire pit! It’s perfect for roasting marshmallows in the evening.

DIY Elements

Carolyn had made cushions for each of her guests, with their name sewn on each of them – possibly one of the most unique place settings I’ve come across! She also worked with her caterers, Wild Rover, and at each table there was a guest with their name stitched on in yellow tartan. This was the nominated guest who would collect – and deliver – each course to their table.

In addition, I also had the pleasure of working with the amazing Marc Bowker from One Big Picture Photography. It was great to work with him again and this was just the sort of wedding that suits his style.

If you’re planning a tipi wedding in Scotland, I’d really love to hear from you. You can find out more about my alternative wedding photography style, and drop me a message over here.