A Wonderful Romantic wedding at Lochgreen Hotel, Troon

This was a special Lochgreen Hotel wedding. It was a special Ayrshire wedding. This is a Core wedding. It started with Sarah and Scott in 2013, and steadily I’ve photographed weddings with various members of her inner circle of friends. I see them almost annually. I love that.This time, it was Linda and Michael’s turn. Linda and Michael planned an Ayrshire wedding – the ceremony was at St Mary’s Church in Troon. This was followed by their reception at Lochgreen House.

Friends and weddings

There’s something about photographing people who you’ve seen over the years. Who have progressed from being a couple, to being engaged, to their wedding day. You can’t help but find yourself feeling slightly more invested and excited and just… incredibly happy for them. And when I see the rest of the gang, all changing. Then we have that photo that we always do, and it makes me smile and laugh to photograph it.

I’ve got a special place for each of them in my heart. They sent me a bouquet of flowers before my own wedding day. So turning up to photograph Linda and Michael’s day, it felt incredible. Being a photographer can feel like you live vicariously through the lens, watching everything in front of you, witnessing it all unfold. Even when you watch it week after week, it never stops being special, and it never stops being wonderful to see two people in love commit themselves to one another.

Excitement for their wedding

I had goosebumps watching Linda walk down the aisle towards Michael.  And the whole time, I’m adjusting the settings on my camera and clicking, clicking, clicking.

I feel like I’m rambling somewhat here. Maybe I am. I suppose I’m trying to convey in words what I feel and what I do . What makes it amazing is being there and wanting to give something extra, something of yourself… art, creativity, and you want it to be the best gift you can possibly give. You want to give more than just photographs. I’m hoping it doesn’t sound pretentious. I make a living from the work I do, but what I create comes from love.

Church: St Mary’s Church, Troon
Reception: Lochgreen House, Troon
Music: Dizzy Heights
Florist: Briar Rose Design
Cake: Happy Hills Cake
Make up/ Hair: Jennifer Jayne
Transport: KA Limo Hire
Second photographer: Fiona Watson Photography

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