A Beautiful Intimate Scottish Micro Wedding in the Pentland Hills

The Pentland Hills, just south of Edinburgh made a perfect setting for this unique and romantic Scottish small outdoor wedding. They offer a combination of stunning scenery and relaxed atmosphere which meant it was the perfect place for Sian and James to share their vows and start their lives together. All of this while surrounded by sheep, snow, and of course their loved ones.

Morning of the Wedding Photos in Edinburgh

We started the morning at an Airbnb where Sian was staying near Tynecastle. Their rented apartment was a perfect space for her to get ready with her family. It was a fairly relaxed morning, which really helped sum up the rest of the day. Unlike most traditional weddings though, this wasn’t about massive veils and delicate shoes. Sian had her wellies and gloves ready. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Scotland in the mountains, this is exactly what you need!

Small Wedding in the Scottish Hills

Sian and James had chosen location was a spot near Glencorse Reservoir, not far from the Flotterstone Inn. We drove up a narrow track and parked at a house in the hills. I went ahead to meet with James and the rest of the wedding party, with Sian walking up the track with her dad. This was a perfect location for an outdoor small wedding ceremony in Scotland

Scottish Elopement Near Edinburgh

James and Sian had marked out an area where they wanted to have their ceremony for their Scottish small wedding. They had invited just a small handful of guests so it was a very intimate and special occasion.

After the ceremony, we indulged in the usual group photos before I took Sian and James away for some more relaxed couple portraits. In an area that is as peaceful as the Pentlands, the relaxed atmosphere really comes through in body language.

Scottish Outdoor Elopement Near Edinburgh

The Pentlands have the benefit of only being a stone’s throw from the centre of Edinburgh, but a perfect spot for a Scottish small outdoor wedding or elopement. Perhaps the hardest bit is finding the best spot, and the only way to find that is by putting on your walking boots and exploring!

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I’ve also written a blog post with some alternative options for your small wedding location in Scotland.

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