Beautiful Family Documentary Photography Session in Glasgow
adult couple sitting with a baby in a yellow contemporary playroom in a Glasgow tenament house.

At the end of a wedding, I usually give the couple a big hug before I depart and say goodbye. Sometimes, it’s a final farewell as the follow up correspondence is online. But sometimes, I get to see them again. That was the case with Quentin and Rebecca. I photographed their Cottiers wedding a few years ago, at the cusp of their story as a family. Fast forward, and they’ve got a new beautiful home in the West End of Glasgow and two beautiful little boys and a cat. And now I’m back, as their documentary family photographer for this beautiful session in Glasgow.

Authentic Family Photos

Photographing family sessions in Scotland has become something I really enjoy doing. My approach is to create documentary-style photographs. I think they’re more authentic than staged, and heavily posed photos. I want to capture children as they are at that point in time, rather than primed to smile on command. Often I find children enjoy themselves more during a session if there’s no expectations for them to behave one particular way. As a Glasgow documentary family photographer, I want the photos to reflect real life.

This wasn’t about cheesy posing. Rebecca and Quentin both played with their kids, dancing to music, exploring their garden and playroom. They sang songs together, read books, had some cuddles and rough and tumble.

Child-Led Photography Session

I’m a big fan of child-led photos; so making everything fit around the child rather than the other way around. This includes working out a time that fits around their naptime schedule. I love to create images that feel authentic and true to who people are. This also includes parents!

I know first hand how difficult it can sometimes be, especially if you have more than one child, to get out the house on time, usually with extra equipment, supplies, changes of clothes and nappies. That’s why I love doing these sessions so much, because I come to you. It’s much easier for me to grab my camera kit and head over to you instead. I keep my approach flexible as a Glasgow documentary family photographer. You can keep everything around you, and grab things at a moment’s notice without having to pre-plan.

Children In the Moment

Making your photography session child-led, makes this so much easier and stress-free. When kids are relaxed, their parents feel relaxed too. Also, it creates photos that truly reflect the nature of your little one now. I remember with my eldest when she went through different stages in her life. I love looking back at photos of her when she loved something in particular. It really captures what she was attracted to. And that’s what I love about these sessions: photos of children in whatever phase of their life they are at. Maybe your child is obsessed with a particular story; maybe they love a song; perhaps they like dressing up as a character from their favourite film.

I love photos that show kids as they are. Who they are. These are all the little things that end up influencing the people they grow into later in life. It may not always be obvious, but I think you can always see a common thread by the time they get to adulthood as they explore different paths.

Glasgow Documentary Family Photos on 35mm Film

One of the things I’m really enjoying at the moment is documenting family photos with my 35mm film camera. I took some frames for Rebecca and Quentin with a roll of film. I love the depth of tone it creates in the photos. Creating these lovely analogue documentary photos from this Glasgow family session adds to the warmth of the final set of images.

Relaxed Family Documentary Photography in Glasgow

Are you looking for a family photography session that produces beautiful family photos like these? Get in touch. I would love to hear from you. I also offer 35mm photos too, which you will get included in your final gallery.


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