A Happy Family Photo Session in Dumfries

Carys contacted me last summer, looking for a family photo session. She wanted to have her session while on a break with her family for the weekend in Dumfries and Galloway. Carys had arranged to be with her extended family and wanted some relaxed photos from their visit. She wanted to retain the everyday special moments, so she wanted a session that was laid back, relaxed and informal. This was a family portrait session that was about capturing the connection between generations of her family together. The session was also about passing on photos for her daughters to relive in years to come.

Special Location for Relaxed Family Photos Scotland

Carys and her family were staying at a holiday cottage they had in Dumfries and Galloway. This is a special getaway location for her, and she wanted to have that as part of the story of the photographs. Places with a sentimental connection often make the best locations for relaxed family photos in Scotland.

Child-led photos

We decided that the best option was to explore the grounds. We set it at the pace and cater to the interests of Carys and Dan’s two young daughters. So of course, that meant exploring round a playpark, woodlands, and finally an outdoor chess board. We had lots of opportunities to stop and play. It’s more fun for children if the photo session is about playtime, and so that’s how we did it. It also meant we ensured a lot more laughs and giggles and big wonderful smiles rather than awkward forced smiles. Dan and Carys got into playtime too – it was lovely to see them all relax together and indulge in some blissful family fun.

Carys’ parents and brother met us in the woodlands, where we headed along towards the chess board. This offered more opportunities for relaxed and intimate family photographs.

Thank you so much for these Kristin, they are stunning! Flew through them tonight with excitement

Carys and Dan

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