An Amazing Knees Up Wedding at Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh

If I had to sum up Sophie and Guy’s wedding at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh, I’d probably describe it as one of the most fun to photograph. This was a wedding with a helluva party. So much so, I stayed a lot later than I originally planned!

The Normal Timelines for Wedding Photography

My usual routine when I work with couples, is to plan a wee evening portrait session. There’s a natural point at most weddings where it’s good fun to slip out for some evening photographs. It doesn’t take long, around 15 to 20 minutes, tops. The guests are all chilling out, post-meal, and digesting their food. All the speeches are out the way… so you can head out for some pictures of just the two of you. It’s a nice wee moment to reconnect when you’ve been pulled in different directions all day, working the room, chatting to friends and family. I take photos, while you’re catching up and talking about your experiences. That’s the case at most weddings, at least.

Post-meal, the weather wasn’t great, so we planned to go out a little later when the rain was scheduled to stop. I had it all planned in my head and I even had an idea of what I wanted to do. I bought a wee filter for my lens that I’d experimented with, and I had this idea in my head of making all the street lights and car lights twinkle in the background.

Well my friend, that didn’t happen.

Sometimes, couples don’t want to go out. They kind of feel they’ve got enough and that’s totally cool with me. It’s their wedding after all. But this time, it wasn’t just Sophie and Guy who didn’t want to leave the dance floor… it was me.

No Ordinary Mansfield Traquair wedding

So let’s start this story at the beginning.

I met up with Sophie for her bridal prep with her whole gang together, at her mum’s flat in Edinburgh. The morning was brilliant, it was such a hoot. Everyone in the sitting room, giggles, fizz, food, and one of the bridesmaids replaying this incredibly cute (drunken) recording of Guy talking about how much he loved Sophie. It was funny and adorable. Always marry someone who enthuses about you after a couple of drinks to your bestie.

As usual, mornings always go too quickly. One minute you’re sitting there enjoying people topping up your glass, or feeding you, while you get your hair and make up done, feeling entirely like a pampered aristocrat… then… it’s dress time. And the reality hits you. People aren’t just tending to your every need to make you feel good. You’ve got a wedding to attend, and you’re the one getting married.

So off we headed to Mansfield Traquair for Sophie and Guy’s wedding.

A Wedding Secret

And here’s a secret about getting married. That person you’re about to marry? Sure, you love them. You love each other, and you’re attracted to each other. But when you see each other right at that first moment? What nobody tells you, is it’s not just about appreciating how beautiful the other one looks. You properly fancy the pants off each other right at that moment. It’s that “is it just me or is it hot in here?” experience. You will both be coyly checking each other throughout your ceremony. And you’ll get that lovely feeling inside where you found this person, who right now is the most gorgeous person on the planet… and they are marrying you. Butterflies doesn’t describe it. And it’s that first glance at each other… It’s just awesome to photograph it. Guy was wearing a traditional morning suit, while Sophie wore a beautiful bespoke dress by Mairi Brown.

In Season Wedding Flowers and Celebrants at Mansfield Traquair

Anyway. Back to the story.

So the wedding at Mansfield Traquair.

Guy’s Uncle is a vicar, so he was able to perform the wedding ceremony. It made it a bit extra special to have it conducted by someone who’s a part of the family. Guy and Sophie opted for some lovely winter snowdrops for their floral decorations at the wedding. Opting for something that is in season as well as locally produced really helped make this a more sustainable wedding. They also had a harpist during the ceremony and a piper standing outside as all the guests arrived.

Afterwards, we headed outside for confetti. Everyone was keen to join in, so we formed a confetti tunnel out of Mansfield Traquair, into the street. The weather was still holding and it was a lot of fun as the two of them ran the gauntlet as their guests threw dried flowers over them.

A Brilliant Wedding Venue in Edinburgh

One of the things about Mansfield Traquair that makes it work so well as a wedding venue in Edinburgh, is that you can partition off areas for each part of the wedding. While the ceremony took place at the top area, near the altar, the team partitioned off the entrance area for the drinks reception. This meant that they could turn around the tables in the Nave of the hall for the meal. There’s a garden outside Mansfield Traquair which worked well for some beautiful wedding couple portraits without needing to go too far. As a wedding supplier, I also loved that there is a small carpark which is ideal for accessing Mansfield Traquair. From a photographer’s perspective, it made it a lot easier to focus on the wedding at Mansfield Traquair without worrying about parking meters.

Beautiful Lighting in Mansfield Traquair

Inside again, and it was soon time for the curtains to be drawn back. Guests turned their heads and faces and took in the beautiful set up of the tables waiting for them. The room was set up in a banquet format. When it came to speeches, a microphone was placed at the top of the nave, meaning the speakers were able to be heard clearly, and seen well, and surrounded by the twinkling lights.

The lighting in Mansfield Traquair is beautiful to photograph at a wedding. You could supplement it with candle sticks but Mansfield Traquair has plenty of atmosphere with the lighting at weddings.

Wedding Reception at Mansfield Traquair

Sophie and Guy booked a brilliant wedding band in the form of The Fabulous Hurricanes. As far as wedding bands go…this one was a bit different. They played songs back to back, blending seemlessly into the next. It was an hour-and-a-half-long mashup of amazing songs and constant playing. With no break in the music to play the next song, the dance floor was always full. And what a dance floor!

Remember I talked about going out for evening photos?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an incredible party atmosphere that made me want to stay and photograph it. I was also conscious if I took Sophie and Guy away, they’d miss out and the dancing might dwindle. The secret to good wedding photography? Always read the room. I chatted to them about their option, and they were in full agreement that they wanted to dance. There was a dancing vicar, dancing granny, heck, there was dancing everyone… conga lines, dance-offs, the worm….

Most Scottish weddings have a ceilidh, and Sophie and Guy incorporated Scottish dancing into their wedding at Mansfield Traquair. However I think this is the first time I could ever consider a Dashing White Sargent as a cool-down!

I also found myself reluctant to leave before the buffet was served, and there was a natural break in the dancing. I loved this incredible wedding at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh and I’m glad Sophie and Guy booked me as their photographer.

Mansfield Traquair Wedding Photographer

So what do you think? If you’re planning a wedding at Mansfield Traquair and you’re looking for a photographer, then I would love to chat with you more about it. I loved this venue, and how well it transformed into a brilliant party atmosphere. I also still have that filter I want to use for some photos in the evening! Get in touch, and we can talk more about your plans.

Mansfield Traquair Edinburgh Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh
Dress: Mairi Brown
Hair and Make Up: Victoria Mallon Hair and Make Up
Car: Edinburgh Classic Wedding Cars
Florist: Adelaide’s Secret Garden
Harpist and Singer: Eliza Younger
Band: The Fabulous Hurricanes


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