A Fantastic Colourful Garden Wedding in Renfrewshire

Sometimes, when you can’t quite find the right wedding venue, the best option is to have it in your own garden. That’s what Flora and Mark opted to host their wedding reception at the home of Flora’s parents in Renfrewshire. This was such a joyous garden wedding to cover as a Scottish garden wedding photographer.

Scottish Garden Wedding Party Planning

Flora and Mark commissioned a wedding stylist and planner to help them manage the day – Clementine Weddings. Organising a Scottish garden wedding involves a lot of logistics, so it helps to have a team working behind the scenes to manage it while you’re busy saying your I Do’s.

They set up a fabulous marquee in the garden, which included a kitchen area, a bar, a dance floor and stage, as well as banquet layout seating for the wedding guests. Of course toilets are an absolute must-have for a Scottish garden wedding! Lots of small details pulled it together to make it a beautiful and colourful Scottish garden wedding venue. It was filled with all the things that I love to discover as a photographer at a Renfrewshire wedding. They took a plain white marquee and turned it into a spectacular showcase of rustic elements with bold, colourful accents. This is exactly how to produce the wow factor!

In addition, they made sure everything ran smoothly with the suppliers.

Getting Ready Wedding Day Photos

I was working with a second photographer, Scott from The Gibsons, to help me deliver amazing photography from this Renfrewshire wedding. Scott covered groom prep with Mark, and went ahead of me to Glasgow University Chapel.

Meanwhile I was working at Flora’s childhood home for her bridal prep photos. I love photographing wedding prep in the childhood home, as it gives it’s own unique atmosphere to the day.

I love working with second photographers during weddings. Scott was able to cover groom preperations, but it also helped as this was a wedding split across mutiple venues as well. Having a second photographer at this wedding meant we were able to produce a seamless timeline of photographs from this Renfrewshire wedding.

Glasgow University Chapel Wedding Photos

Before the garden wedding, we went to Glasgow University Chapel for the ceremony. Flora and Mark opted for a humanist celebrant, Jennifer Buchanan, to conduct their wedding ceremony at Glasgow University Chapel. I love being a photographer at humanist weddings in Scotland. Humanist celebrants are usually very laidback and relaxed to work with. In addition, Jennifer came dressed appropriately as well, in a bright beautiful dress.

There’s lots of things I appreciate about photographing weddings at Glasgow University Chapel. I enjoy being able to stand by the altar so I can see the couple clearly and also the guests watching the ceremony. It’s beautiful to see the light come through the stain glass and cast rainbows in the room I love photographing the lovely cloisters, which work well after the ceremony, and provide shelter from bad weather.

On this day, the sun shone and it lit up Flora and Mark in the grand chapel. Combined with the colourful flowers and Flora’s brilliant signature red lipstick, it was a phenomenal scene.

Afterwards, we headed outside for some group photos and romantic newlywed pictures in the Cloisters. Meanwhile, guests made their way to the garden wedding at Bridge of Weir.

Colourful Scottish Garden Wedding Photography

After photos in the Cloisters, it was time to scoot back to Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire for the wedding reception garden party! Everything was ready when we arrived, and guests enjoyed mingling in the expansive gardens of the house. A field was used for parking cars, and even toilets had been brought in for guests to use. The planners had organised for toilets as well to tend to guests at this Scottish garden wedding.

Music came in the form of an amazing duo, Sleekit Beasties who performed on the violin and guitar throughout the ceremony and reception and into the evening. I have worked with them previously, and they do an incredible job playing for the full range of the day. They set up and played outdoors through the Scottish garden wedding reception.

Wedding guests enjoyed exploring the gardens, with it’s gin trolley and an array of summer garden games to play. I think that games are an absolute must-have for any Scottish garden wedding and make for wonderful photography opportunities.

Wedding at home in Scotland

One of the things I appreciate about weddings at homes in Scotland, is that the photos develop an extra meaning to them. This was the scene that Flora grew up with as a child. It felt particularly poignant to be able to incorporate it into her wedding photographs too. I would love the idea of her and Mark having what was a familiar scene throughout her youth, as part of their joint story as well.

Getting married at home in Scotland adds more sentimentality to the photographs over time. It’s also a way to have the most unique wedding venue (unless you have other family members who marry there too!).

At Flora and Mark’s wedding, we headed out into the fields and country roads that surround the childhood home in Renfrewshire for photographs. We were able to use lots of little hidden areas around her family home and in the garden for some beautiful wedding photography. I loved photographing their wedding at this gorgeous Bridge of Weir location and finding all the things that were special to Flora and Mark.

Wedding Reception Photography Renfrewshire

A good wedding party of course finishes with a brilliant night of dancing and partying. The Sleekit Beasties were joined by additional members of their band to perform a fantastic mix of covers and ceilidh dancing. Honestly, there wasn’t much room on the dance floor as we tried to squeeze round to take photos! The marquee set up left one end of the space open, meaning there was plenty of fresh air to keep the dancers feeling fresh and energetic.

Other guests were able to sit at the tables, or at the sofa and arm chair area if they preferred a more comfortable seat. Some guests opted to enjoy cocktails and drinks in the evening sunshine outside in the garden.

Scottish Garden and Renfrewshire Wedding Photography

Are you planning a garden wedding in Scotland? Or are you looking for a wedding photographer for your big day in Renfrewshire or Bridge of Weir? I had such a great time photographing this wedding, I would love to photograph more weddings like this in Scotland. So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who can produce laidback, relaxed and colourful wedding photos please get in touch. I would love to chat more with you about your plans and see what amazing photos we can produce together!

Renfrewshire Wedding Suppliers

A big thank you to all the amazing wedding suppliers at this beautiful garden wedding. Every one of them was fantastic and I would certainly recommend contacting them for your own wedding plans.


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