A Wonderful Small Wedding in Edinburgh City Centre
groom embracing bride from behind at Circus Lane, Edinburgh

This was intended to be a large wedding at Winton Castle in 2020. Well, you know what happened next, I’m sure. So instead, Esmeralda and Alistair changed their nuptials to a rather chic small wedding in the city centre of Edinburgh. It started at the beautiful St Mary’s Cathedral then on to a private members club on Princes Street. It was a wonderfully alternative Edinburgh wedding venue for this photographer to enjoy and one that was particularly exclusive and ideal for a small Edinburgh wedding.

Wedding Ceremony at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh

I started with Alistair outside St Mary’s Cathedral at the corner of York Place and Leith Street. This was the start of their small wedding in Edinburgh. It’s a very beautiful cathedral, and I loved the exterior as well, with a lovely sweeping staircase that worked perfectly for photographs later on. Alistair was there with his groomsmen, hugging and chatting to his guests as they congregated outside. Being at the top of the staircase also meant that it worked really well for keeping guests away from the main path of shoppers.

Esmeralda and her bridesmaids arrived by car and the steps made for a lovely dramatic entrance.

The Cathedral inside was gorgeous, and I was able to find some brilliant spots to take photographs of the ceremony. As we were still under restrictions, guests had to wear masks throughout the ceremony.

Wedding photographs Around Edinburgh

After the ceremony, we used the staircase for group photos. I particularly like this spot as a photographer as it lends itself as an uncluttered area in the centre of Edinburgh to take photos. It’s also great for larger wedding parties because you can use the height of the staircase to create tiers of guests.

Circus Lane Wedding Photography

While the guests headed on to the reception, I went with Esmeralda and Alistair in the car to Circus Lane for couple portraits. This is reportedly the most attractive street in the whole of the UK. Hidden away in the New Town of Edinburgh, it’s off the beaten track for tourists and shoppers. As a result, it’s lovely and quiet for some alternative romantic Edinburgh wedding photography.

Wedding Reception in Edinburgh

We then headed towards Alistair and Esmeralda’s reception at The New Club on Princes Street. To be honest, to the passer-by you wouldn’t have a clue that this place was there. I’ve lived in Edinburgh and spent a lot of time in my life shopping on Princes Street with no idea of it’s existence. A very nondescript door next to Ann Summers, no signs or obvious notice that it’s there, you really wouldn’t know about it. Inside, it spans over various floors, and it’s a surprisingly spacious premises.

The reception itself was held on a floor which opened up to a balcony. This was the perfect outdoor mingling space for guests, with incredible vistas across Princes Street, looking east to Calton Hill, the Balmoral Hotel, Scott’s Monument, and the National Galleries. Straight ahead lay the skyline of Edinburgh’s Old Town and Princes Street Gardens, while Edinburgh Castle dominated at the peak.

Small Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh

If you’re planning a small wedding in Edinburgh, I’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re planning a wedding in the New Town or Old Town of Edinburgh or the city centre, I’d love to discuss your photographer requirements. I’ve also got a post about other potential venues for your small wedding.

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