A Fantastic DIY Wedding at Kinlochard Village Hall, Stirlingshire

When I met Pollie and Shabir, I came away with that deep lovely feeling inside of “please book me”. I just enjoyed chatting to them so much. They told me all about Shabir’s amazing hillwalking proposal, which was a covert operation involving a band to serenade them, code names, and cover stories. I couldn’t wait for them to book me to photograph their wedding at Kinlochard Village Hall.

Countryside wedding in Scotland

I’ve photographed weddings in Kinlochard before, but this was my first wedding at Kinlochard Village Hall. I love the area around Loch Ard, the drive is always spectacular and a wonderful escape. It’s also very close to Aberfoyle, and the village of Kinlochard is very pretty. It’s the sort of place you go to, and start to wonder if you could afford to move there and what life would be like.

This wasn’t going to be an ordinary wedding. But most of all, it was going to be all about Shabir and Pollie. There were so many traditions they didn’t adopt, and so many things they brought in to make it their own. As couples go, I found Pollie and Shabir to be I suppose, understated. Calm, easy going, relaxed, and just that lovely level of quiet serenity with them, but a clear vision and idea of what they want. They were able to make Kinlochard Village Hall their own.

Scottish wedding Coffee Brew

Pollie and Shabir hired an amazing coffee and tea speciality brewing company, Something Brewed. I think if you’re planning on having a dry wedding, or even if you’re coffee or tea aficionados then a coffee bar is a wonderful addition to your day. The smell for me of the coffee was tremendous, and they also had delicious still lemonade which was perfect for quenching thirst on a hot summer day. They set up at Kinlochard Village Hall and it was a gorgeous smell through the day.

The other thing I had to organise was a second shooter for the day. It was a total no-brainer for me. I knew who I wanted, who would fit in, who would click with Pollie and Shabir. It was of course, Julie Broadfoot from Photography by Juliebee. I’ve worked with her before and I knew she would fit in perfectly. She was a great help at Kinlochard Village hall.

Personalised Day

I think what I loved about this day, was how much of it came down to things that Pollie and Shabir wanted and loved. They followed their hearts entirely, and didn’t compromise on what mattered to them. It made everything feel so personal and being there as a photographer this wasn’t “another wedding”, but an insight to who they are as a couple, what they love, what they enjoy. It was about combining cultures and making their families at the centre, and bringing friends into the fold of their families. Kinlochard Village Hall was a fantastic blank canvas for them to do this.

From my perspective, that’s how the best weddings usually end up being – an insight to what’s personal to a couple. It’s about their personality, their unique take on what a wedding can be, rather than what it ought to be. Many thanks to Pollie and Shabir for having me along for their wedding. I loved every minute.

Kinlochard Village Hall Wedding Suppliers

Whether you are planning a big shindig or a wee wedding, I’ve got packages that you can tailor to suit your needs on the day. Have a look at my wedding approach . Drop me a line today to find out if I’m available for your wedding – I’d love to hear more from you about what you’ve got planned!