A Unique and Personal West Highland Wedding at Onich

This West Highland wedding at the Onich Hotel near Loch Linnhe was one of the highlights of my career. I instantly gelled with Kat and Alex when they booked me a few months prior to their wedding. Alex’ enquiry referred to Kat as his “partner in crime”. It was the perfect phrase to describe them.

In order to be fresh and ready for Kat and Alex’ wedding, I drove up to Ballachulish and stayed in a local hotel. The next morning I headed over to the Onich Hotel, the venue for their West Highland wedding. It was a gorgeous morning. Kat was getting ready at her childhood home, which had been recently converted to an Airbnb in Ballachulish.

A Personal Day

This was a truly personal wedding. All of the personal touches made it a very intimate and unique wedding day in the West Highlands of Scotland. It suited their personalities perfectly and reflected Kat’s West Highland heritage, with decorative Swedish flags to show Alex’ heritage. Their wedding at the Onich Hotel felt very relaxed, with views overlooking Loch Linnhe. It was the perfect wedding to introduce their guests to the West Highlands.

There were a lot of amazing details about this wedding. Kat decided to make her own wedding dress – her first big sewing project – with the help of her mum. Kat and Alex hand-decorated some bottles of alchol as wedding favours for their guests. Kat’s younger sister helped with Kat’s wedding make-up as well.

Ben Vheir and Onich Hotel Portraits

We went to Ben Vheir Cottage to take some photographs for their couple portraits. The cottage sits on the banks of Loch Linnhe, in South Ballachulish in the West Highlands. We were only a short distance from the Onich Hotel. In the evening, we continued with couple portraits around the Onich Hotel on the shores there, and could see Ben Vheir cottage from the gardens. The sunset was spectacular and made the perfect backdrop for some romantic evening portraits.

West Highland Wedding Suppliers

Highland Wedding Photographer

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